Friday, January 29, 2010


NO GANG COLORS, with your friend and mine Joseph from Geek Down, just released their eleven and a half minutes of perfection, and the album is blowing my ass out. Mellow enough to put on repeat and be entranced by, but aggressive enough to make you want to break windows. This is the kind of music I listen to late at night playing video games, sitting right against the screen with headphones on, killing nazis or aliens or whatever gets the fuck in front of me, riding my bike down hills as fast as possible, or while drinking Drank in the dark with my friends.

Available for free HERE

It is your God.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It took them 20 years to give us what we really want?

Listen, I know I just wrote that terrible review of Endgame, and pretty much new Megadeth in general, but this is nuts. Megadeth will be playing Rust in Peace in its entirety on their next tour with Testament and Exodus. That means Take No Prisoners, Polaris, and my favorite Megadeth song, Poison Was The Cure. And to my knowledge, Poison has never been played live. No matter how much the new material sucks, I will gladly sit through a handful of shitty songs to hear one of my favorite metal albums of all time played live.

Oddly enough Testament will be playing their debut album The Legacy in its entirety as well. I don't know who had the idea first, but I hope it was Chuck Billy. Maybe then he can make up for being an ugly(er) version of Tom Araya.

Tom Araya
Chuck Billy

This was pretty much the only thing that could get me out to a Megadeth show after the tour with Slayer was "postponed." Hopefully Dave won't indian-give this one and leave out some songs. Check out the dates here. If the DC show is good enough, I might go to the Baltimore show the next night. Of course, I hope the tickets aren't 30+ dollars. I wouldn't put it past Dave to milk this shit for all its worth.